Diane van Schaik - Jewelry

About me

Artist Statement

In 2012 I discovered the working with precious metals. It started with a workshop of a few hours, socializing with friends. This grew into a desire to be involved professionally designing and making jewelry. Because there is so much to learn, decided to train as a goldsmith. When I am designing and making a piece of jewelry, I am really focused and there is nothing else on my mind. It’s great to make something for someone and put all your energy, creativity and love into it. When a piece of jewelry is purchased and given on a special occasion, it is a reminder forever.

I get my inspiration from everywhere. All kinds of shapes become part of my sign. Most inspiration I get from talking to people who are considering making piece of jewelry.

Sometimes it starts with a beautiful stone, sometimes it begins with a form.

I am working hard to get better, to learn new techniques. How wonderful practice a profession whose technique has been around for hundreds of years. Doing something I enjoy so much, while also making other people happy is a great feeling.